BJJTech:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques
 by Dave Thomas

Head in Arm Control

This technique works with  either gi or no-gi, and is suitable for  beginner level practitioners.  Broadly, this technique is in the  positions category of moves.  Specifically, it is a side controls move.  You will start in in the  side control position. 

Setup: The Initial Situation

This is a very common position and is very strong. It is different from the classic side control in that you are hugging high around his neck and armpit rather than grasping his legs. This guard puts lots of weight on his upper chest and jaw. In this example, you are on his right side.


  Your left arm is under his head

  Your right arm is across his upper chest and under his left armpit and shoulder

  Your hands are clasped in Gable Grip underneath his left shoulder

  Knees are close to him, with the left knee at his right ear and your left knee pressing into his right hip.

Posted by SEAttlE JIu-JItsu coach Dave Thomas