BJJTech:  Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu techniques
 by Dave Thomas

Classic Side Control

This technique works with  either gi or no-gi, and is suitable for  beginner level practitioners.  Broadly, this technique is in the  positions category of moves.  Specifically, it is a side controls move.  You will start in in the  side control position. 

Setup: The Initial Situation

This describes the classic side control position. Assume you are on his right side)


  Your chest should be on his chest. You are perpendicular to him.

  Your knees should be pressed against him with your butt back on the floor resting on your feet (flat). Your left kneeis against his right ear. Your right knee is pressed firmly against his hip.

  Grab his pants near his right hip with your right hand or scoop your right arm around his right hip.

  Wrap your other arm across their neck and around their left (far) shoulder

  Keep your weight pressed on him. If you "overcommit" -- putting your weight too far past him near his left side, hecan roll you.

  Don’t be too rigid. As with most other positions in BJJ, you should be strong, tight, and responsive (react tochanges in position quickly).

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Posted by SEAttlE JIu-JItsu coach Dave Thomas