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 by Dave Thomas

Side Control Escape - The Angry Sweater Escape

This technique works with  either gi or no-gi, and is suitable for  advanced level practitioners.  Broadly, this technique is in the  escapes category of moves.  Specifically, it is a side controls move.  You will start in in the  lying on back position. 

Setup: The Initial Situation

This escape is almost identical to the "Americana Escape to Payback Americana." The only real difference is the way he starts: he is holding you in a head-in-arm side control. This presents a problem that is solved with what I call "The Angry Sweater." Imagine how you’d take off an angry sweater. You’d grab it from around your neck and you’d rip it the hell off of you. His arm under your neck represents this angry sweater. In this technique, he is holding you on your right side control. His left arm is under your neck.


  Grab his left arm with both hands. With your right hand, grab behind his elbow. With your right hand, grab around hiswrist.

  Angry sweater time! Grip hard, shrug your shoulders, and tear his arm out from under your neck as you twist away fromhim on to your left side.

  Push with your right hand against his left elbow and keep pressure on him

  Rotate his elbow over and GET TO YOUR KNEES. Keep pressing and he will roll over you to his back. Secure side controland keep his arm.

  Payback: Americana him now! His left arm should be trapped since you’ve been rolling him with it under control.

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Posted by SEAttlE JIu-JItsu coach Dave Thomas